People always ask you “- How much does she means to you?” and you always say “A lot”. But have you ever stopped to think how much this “a lot” means? Does it brings you back the memories when you started to sing her songs, and all that a sudden you were crying because you saw media saying bad things about her. Does it brings you back the memories where she announced she was pregnant and you couldn’t control yourself until the day you finally discovered the baby was a boy, and do you remember all the blue balloons that were at her web site and how happy she looked? Does it brings back the nights you spent awake because she was having a bad time, nights you spent awake praying for her and crying for her and hoping it all would pass? Does it? Does it brings back to your mind the night she shaved her head and you could see the lost look she had in her eyes, and you couldn’t stop crying because you couldn’t do anything to help her? Does it brings back the 2008 VMA where you cried EVERY single award she received and you couldn’t believe it was actually happening? Does it brings back to your mind the nights you stayed up late to see the release of her new music video even though you had classes next morning? Or the time you cried until you sleep because you couldn’t buy the tickets for her show. Or the time you couldn’t stop smiling and screaming and freaking out because you bought the tickets and you were finally able to meet the person who inspires you so much, does it appears in your mind? It makes you remember the day you were going to her show an you couldn’t stay at your hotel room so you went to the place the show was going to happen and you waited there for over 10 hours because you couldn’t leave, or the time she got up on stage and you had all that mixed feelings, and all that went through your mind was “finally, I’m finally seeing her”, does it?

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Wait whys the queen carrying a tv?

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